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The benifits of these Forbidden V smokes are almost instant. Thumbs up!


Best tasting product and amazing quality hands down the best out there! 10/10


Best CBD smoke on the market!


I've been smoking Field Smokes for over a year, and I love them! However, these new smokes are absolutely amazing!!! You can litterally taste the freshness. Keep it up Field Smokes!!!


These Forbidden V smokes are so good! Props to Blue Mountain Hemp Co for growing straight fire!


Incredibly impressed by the quality! This is an easy-to-smoke product that is a refreshing change in a fairly stagnant industry. Field Smokes is brining the A game! Everyone I've shared these with is blown away.


At first I was concerned about paying $15 for a pack of smokes. However, these Field Smokes are totally worth it! The relaxed feeling I get when I smoke one is super noticable. They chill me out for sure.


Who Are We?

We're passionate cannabis connoisseurs from Portland, Oregon. On a mission to promote the power of hemp while creating a better alternative for tobacco smokers. We specialize in high quality, farm fresh, small batch, craft cigarettes.

Field Smokes are made from organically grown Oregon hemp. There is no tobacco, nicotine or additives of any kind in our smokes. We take great pride in being the cleanest and freshest hemp cigarette on the market.

organically grown

For decades, the state of Oregon has been known for producing some of the worlds finest cannabis. Our partners combine the perfect climate with organic farming methods gauranteeing that our cigarettes are made from 100% premium hemp.

entourage effect

This is the theory that all cannabinoids share a synergistic relationship, and when taken together, they produce an enhanced effect. Using whole plant hemp products gives you the greatest benifit and most desirable experience.

achieve zen

The "high" you feel when smoking cannabis is created from the cannabinoid THC. With less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, Field Smokes will give you the "chill" you desire, without the head high. Relax, while maintaining a clear mind.

Smoke Hemp. It's Better.

Join the millions using hemp to quit tobacco.

eagle Point, or

Rogue Origin

Rogue Origin is the place where natural farm-grown and hand-trimmed cannabis wants to be. We do everything we can to tend to these incredible plants. Our personal approach to hemp farming means that no flower or bud is unaccounted for. We hand-trim every plant at the peak of their harvest. You can enjoy pure, honest, hemp, straight from the source.

Contact: @RogueOriginCBD


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